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Double Up Food Bucks New York - Nutrition Incentive Program

Increasing Access to Fresh, Affordable Foods

Double Up Food Bucks is a nutrition incentive program that matches SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – formerly known as food stamps) purchases at participating farmers markets, mobile markets, farm stands and retail grocery sites. The Double Up incentive is a way to increase the access to and the affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income individuals and families. Double Up provides a $1 for $1 match on any SNAP purchase.

The Double Up Food Bucks incentive can only be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables thereby promoting healthier eating habits among the participants and redirecting federal food assistance dollars into the local food and agriculture economy. 

Double Up Food Bucks NY has been helping to improve food access in underserved communities across New York since 2014. In 2022 alone, more than 100,000 New Yorkers took advantage of Double Up Food Bucks to double their fresh produce dollars and bring home more healthy food for their families. Double Up is not only a win for families, but it’s also a win for farmers by creating new ways to expand their customer base, and a win for the local economy as more locally grown produce is purchased and dollars are invested back into our local businesses – it’s a win-win-win. 

Double Up Makes Each SNAP Dollar Work Harder

Helping more New Yorkers buy fresh, healthy food from local farmers is a simple yet powerful concept.  With programs such as Double Up, every dollar spent does at least double duty, providing a dollar in new sales for New York family farmers and a dollar in real nutrition assistance, improving community health, and keeping food dollars circulating in local economies.  The wins are threefold:

Families Bring Home More Healthy Food

Farmers Make More Money

More Food Dollars Stay in the Local Economy

Growing, year over year.

Since 2014, Double Up has flourished, growing from seven farmers markets in Western New York to more than 230 unique sites across the state. We have expanded beyond farmers markets into small retail and grocery stores, the next frontier in healthy food incentives.

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Partnerships are a critical component of Double Up Food Bucks’ success.

The success of Double Up is grounded in partnerships – those that support implementation and those that extend its impact with targeted outreach and complementary programming. We are proud to partner with a number of organizations across the state.