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Niagara Falls Local Food Action Plan

Five Year Report

In 2013, the Healthy Food Healthy People Coalition sprang to life, ignited by the desire to transform the food system in the City of Niagara Falls. Those early days were dedicated to forging vital partnerships, cementing our core priorities, and harmonizing our vision.

Driven by a deep commitment to our community, we took a decisive step. The city needed a plan, a roadmap to guide us to a community owned food system, one that serves all members of the Niagara Falls community. In 2018, the Niagara Falls Local Food Action Plan was published and approved by the City of Niagara Falls to increase food security and improve the local food system.

We have rallied around a powerful and ambitious vision of a Niagara Falls that celebrates diversity, community health and economic resiliency for all. The result is an all-encompassing, resident-informed, and resident-powered food action plan. The Niagara Falls Local Food Action Plan 5 Year Report highlights the progress made since the plan was published and approved.

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