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Niagara Falls City Market

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
19th Street & Pine Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY

The Historic Niagara Falls City Market is seeking new vendors for the 2024 season!

In the ongoing revitalization of the Niagara Falls City Market, the past year has marked a significant turning point. Despite persisting challenges and ample room for further growth, the market has garnered unprecedented attention and secured vital investments for the first time in decades. The infusion of new vendors, a variety of events, and greater accessibility to fresh, local produce from Niagara County producers underscore the market’s successes during the 2023 season. As we move into the 2024 season, we are inviting more vendors to join us. We’re looking to add more local food producers, local wineries, specialty foods (oils, cheese, jams/jellies, etc.), flowers & plants, and makers & artisans.

What you need to know!
  • Market Hours

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday | 8:00 - 3:00

  • Vendor Fees

    Seaseonal Rates - $450 for full year, $300 for seasonal | Daily Rates - $12 (Mondays), $15 (Wednesdays), and $20 (Fridays)

  • Nutrition Incentives Accepted

    SNAP & Double Up Food Bucks are accepted, which helps expand your customer base.

  • Signature Events

    Evening markets, car shows, craft & artisan days, annual family fun day, and much more!

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    We will be looking for sponsors this season that will play a vital role in helping support the continued efforts to improve the market for the Niagara Falls community. Stay tuned for details about the 2024 Market Sponsorships.

2024 Events Calendar

How did the market do last year?

Check out the 2023 Annual Report!

Discover the evolution of the Niagara Falls City Market throughout 2023 by downloading our annual report. Explore the market’s journey, from garnering unprecedented attention to securing vital investments, signaling a promising future. Dive into our steadfast commitment to revitalization, evident in a notable surge in promotional efforts and the addition of new vendors, all contributing to a vibrant community hub. Experience our ongoing progress and join us on the path towards continued growth. Download the 2023 annual report now to be part of our story!

2023 Annual Report
Download the 2023 Niagara Falls City Market Annual Report to review the progress made and the impact the revitalization of the market is having on the community!
Annual Report